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Ralf's Background

The friend who had talked me into competing said “come along for the fun of it!” It wasn’t fun and I was embarrassed by my complete lack of knowledge about a sport which until then I had not taken all that seriously. Had it not been for the encouragement and the kindness of competitors I met on the day I may well have gone back to my old ways.

Serious archers I would come to learn are generally a gracious mob and the one thing that stands out the most is the sharing and imparting of knowledge about a sport which is a challenge forever.

I would learn that the best archers in the world are not afraid to tell you everything they know about the sport without fear that you will get the edge on them. The reason is ‘you still have to do it!’

My focus for most of my competitive archery has been shooting Australian Bow Hunters unmarked field 3D and paper. I have spent some time competing in target archery and FITA field with modest success, however the real challenge for me is ABA style. Not only do you have to master shooting skills in all sorts of hostile terrain, judging distance is equally important. Then if that wasn’t challenging enough, the scoring zones are obscure.

ABA scoring 20, 18, 16 – zip means that one misplace shot can put you out of the competition. You need to be brave to succeed in ABA field. For this reason and the disappointment of not living up to you own expectations is something that is not easily mastered.

I am extremely grateful to Archery Academy for allowing me to use the latest equipment of my choice for so many years and with their help and support I have reached all my archery aspirations.


2009 Red Cliffs ABA paper – 1st place.
Southern Field Club Championship – 2nd place.
2010 SFA Club 3D – 2nd place.
2011 SFA Club Champion – 1st place, A Grade.
2011 ABA 3D National Champion Vets.
2011 ABA Safari – 2nd place.
2012 SFA Club Champion – 1st Place, A Grade.
2013 SFA 3D Club Champion – 1st Place, A Grade.
2013 SFA Paper Club Champion – 1st Place, A Grade.
2015 Wagga Wagga ABA Nationals Paper – 2nd Place.
2015 ABA 3D Nationals – 1st Place, Australian Champion
2015 ABA State Titles 3D – 1st Place
2015 ABA Safari Titles Paper – 1st Place.
2016 ABA Nationals 3D – 2nd Place.
2016 ABA Nationals Safari – 3rd Place.
2016 ABA State Titles 3D – 1st Place.
2016 SFA Club Champion Paper – 1st Place.
2016 SFA Club Champion 3D – 1st Place.
2016 ABA Grand Master No. 4.
2017 Southern Field Club Championship 3D – 1st Place.
2017 Southern Field Club Championship Paper – 1st Place.


Hoyt 2016 Carbon Spider
Hoyt 2017 Carbon Defiant
Both running Blese strings & cables through the Academy.
2 x 3D sights.
Superloc Scopes
Quad Drop Away Ultra Rests
Surefire Trigger Release
Beiter Front and Rear Stabilizers & Carbon Blade Front
Easton 3D Light Speed Arrows

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